kyoto 2Julie Semmelhack, Ph.D. 


Julie did her undergraduate training at Princeton, and got her PhD from UCSD, working on the Drosophila olfactory system in Jing Wang’s lab. She began working on the zebrafish visual system as a postdoc with Herwig Baier, first at UCSF and then Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology in Martinsried, Germany. She started her lab at HKUST in early 2017.




Li Yang (DT)  Email:

Yang got his Bachelor’s degree in life science at Shandong University. He did his final year project in Dr. Peng Cao’s lab at National Institute of Biological Science(NIBS). Using optogenetic manipulation and fiber photometry, his project investigated how the superior colliculus controls the innate behaviours of rodents. He has now joined Julie’s lab at HKUST studying zebrafish vision. He is a life enthusiast who likes playing with cats, cooking & eating, and also enjoys sports, photography,  music, travelling, and reading Haruki Murakami.


bio_photo_Richard_cropRichard G. Tian Email:

Richard obtained his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from HKUST. He did his thesis research in Prof. King Chow’s lab, working on the design and implementation of synthetic gene circuits in the cultured mammalian cells. After graduation, he moved to Vienna and studied the neural control of Drosophila mating behaviour in the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP). He joined Julie’s lab in Jan 2018 as a research assistant, working on zebrafish visual behaviour. He is a passionate traveller, a coffee addict and a gym rat.



Ivan Alex P. Lazarte Email:

Ivan got his master’s degree in Physics from National Central University in Taiwan. He did his thesis on quantification of cyst morphology and its implications in apical constriction at Dr. Keng-hui Lin’s lab in Academia Sinica. He joined Julie’s lab, and is studying zebrafish attention. He loves tinkering with things, and also enjoys travelling and racket sports.



ShanShanquian Ma  Email:

Shan obtained her bachelor’s degree in computing mathematics from City University of Hong Kong. During her exchange study in Australia, she did an internship in Sydney Computational Cognitive Neuroscience lab, decoding the brain representation of  mental rotation. With a passion for neuroscience, Shan joined Julie’s lab as a research assistant in 2018. She is outgoing with an open mind towards life and her studies.



Lola Lam: former RA, now PhD student at Bordeaux Neurocampus.

Amanda Huang: former RA, now PhD student at CUHK.